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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

State to sue feds over children's health insurance

I think it is interesting that some states want 'states rights' for things such as gay marriage, but when it comes to asking for hand outs, these 'big government' politicians are the first in the federal tax dollar line. I don't know what they think they will accomplish by suing the 'Bush administration'. I don't know how President Bush is responsible for their government not having enough money to pay for all of their children's health insurance. I guess a chicken in every pot has evolved into health insurance for every child. Though a chicken is more practical and much more affordable than health care. If congress focused on lowering the cost of health care instead of spending more tax dollars on the current system that is too expensive, they'd be doing us all a favor. I don't think states have any ground to stand on to sue the federal government for money that is not owed for any reason. Enjoy the article anyway.

By Ralph Thomas

Seattle Times Olympia bureau

— Washington and at least three other states will sue the Bush administration over restrictions it has imposed on state efforts to expand children's health coverage, Gov. Christine Gregoire announced Monday.

Gregoire said a lawsuit to block the new restrictions — which she called "draconian" — will likely be filed within the next week in federal court in New York, one of the states joining the suit. The two others are Maryland and Illinois.

So far, all four governors who have signed onto the lawsuit are Democrats. Gregoire said she expects other states to join.

New Jersey filed a similar lawsuit on Monday.

"I'm not one who believes in a lot of lawsuits," Gregoire said. But, she added, "I think the [Bush administration] policy is just dead wrong."

The Bush administration is worried that, as states expand government-funded coverage, some families will opt to drop affordable private insurance and enroll their kids in less expensive government-subsidized care.

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