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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Freedom Works - The right approach to health-care reform

This is an article written by John McCain for the National Review Online. I think this plan is the best available program for health care reform. He hits on all of the points that I believe need to be addressed for real and effective health care reform that reduces the cost of health care. He emphasizes the three main phases of lowering cost of insurance through tax credits, cutting prescription costs by offering generics quicker and allowing re importation of drugs from Canada and Mexico, and third TORT reform by limiting the amount that people can sue for an improper medical procedure. He also mentions the importance of choice for the military in the VA system. This is the best available plan to fix the problems of our health care system. Enjoy the article.

By John McCain

We face a choice on health care: We can reform the system through the mechanism that has made the American economy the envy of the world — free markets and competition — or we can promote more government intervention in the false hope that bigger government will be the elixir to our health-care ills.

I offer a conservative vision of health-care reform, while the Democrats offer their usual stew of government mandates and regulations, and the inevitable imposition of massive tax increases on Americans to pay for their “reform.” Back in 1993, I opposed President Clinton’s health-care proposal because I knew it would lead to more and more taxes, huge increases in federal spending, and the rationing of care for Americans. Today, I’m sure Democrats would gladly pass that plan in a heartbeat if they could only convince a skeptical American public to go along. But they can’t. Instead, Democrats are pushing incremental government control of health care, as we just witnessed with the S-CHIP debate, and hoping no one notices.

I reject this sleight-of-hand.

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