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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Need for a Hillary-like health-care plan

This letter to the editor is from a former Insurance Broker who says we need the government to pay for health insurance for everyone. I guess he figures it would be less expensive. Again this blog is for both sides of the debate. I disagree with the article, but enjoy it anyway:

Taft Lowell
October 4, 2007

Arlington Heights - Before retiring I was an insurance broker for 42 years and one of the products I sold was health insurance. If you could afford the premiums, and if you were healthy enough to be accepted by the insurance company, for the most part that insurance would meet your needs.

Through that long personal experience I also learned that all those whom I came in contact with and who opposed any kind of universal health insurance had good insurance of their own or plentiful financial means to cover their medical expenses. If millions of their fellow citizens were suffering because of their inability to get proper medical coverage, they couldn't care less.

One recent letter writer said people should be responsible for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and she is correct, but that in no way assures you that you will qualify for health insurance. Perhaps you suffer from cancer, or have a seizure problem, even diabetes; none of these is caused by poor living habits, yet if you have one of them, you aren't going to qualify for health insurance.

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