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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Labor group says health care plan doesn't address cost of insurance

This article from the SF Chronical goes over the Governor's health care plan. The article says that this plan is similar to Hillary's plan in that it requires every family to buy health insurance just like drivers must purchase car insurance. The problem with this plan is that the cost of health care and health insurance won't be affected by this program. It will still be unaffordable, but you will force people to pay the costs anyway. It is a good article. Enjoy.

Carla Marinucci,Tom Chorneau, Chronicle Political Writers

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Powerful California labor interests, backed by a key Democratic operative, have declared war on Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's ambitious health care proposal, a strategy that could pose problems for Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has made a similar plan a major component of her presidential campaign.

Chris Lehane, a former Clinton White House spokesman - a veteran Democratic operative dubbed "the master of disaster" for his skills in advocacy and crisis communications - has been hired by the California Labor Federation AFL-CIO to help shepherd labor's effort to oppose the governor's plan, said federation chief Art Pulaski this week.

Pulaski characterized Schwarzenegger's health care plan on Tuesday as unacceptable for working families and said organized labor strongly opposes the effort. He said it would require families to have health insurance, much as they currently must buy car insurance, without sufficiently reducing the price tag.

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