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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The right question

Here is another article on the issue of health care costs rather than numbers of uninsured. Enjoy the article.

From The Economist print edition
Welcome attention to the real problem

SENATOR JOHN McCAIN is famous for his straight talking, spelling out uncomfortable truths even when they do him political damage—whether on Iraq, torture, immigration or free trade. Now he has decided to deal with health care bluntly too: American health-care costs are much too high, he says, and the priority for any reform must be to bring them down.

Speaking on the campaign trail in Iowa on October 11th, Mr McCain put cost front and centre as he unveiled his own health plan. He noted that General Motors spends more on health than it does on steel: the price of each of its cars includes more than $1,500 for health care. Toyota's health-care costs come to about $200 a car.

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