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Monday, October 8, 2007

Health care: market reform, not big government

I finally found an article written that I agree completely with. There have been many articles claiming that 'Bush hates children' because of his veto. However they don't address the issue as it really is. This article goes over the issue in a very thoughtful way. I hope you enjoy the article.

Raymond J. Keating
October 8, 2007

If you buy the political spin, President George W. Bush opposes health care for poor children. What a big meanie!

Last week Bush vetoed a huge expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP. It was only the fourth time during his presidency that Bush has used the veto pen.

Both of New York's Democratic U.S. senators, Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer, voted for the measure, as did all five local members of Congress, including Peter King, Long Island's only Republican congressman.

Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton) told Newsday: "This is a presidency fixated on ideology and not one fixated on solving the nation's problems. Kids need health care." Thank goodness Bishop - who over the past four years has voted around 93 percent of the time with the left-wing Americans for Democratic Action - isn't fixated on ideology.

In reality, if you care about affordable, quality health care for both adults and children, then Bush should be commended, not criticized, for his veto.

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