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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ads target Republicans in children's health insurance veto fight

It is as though there is no need for Congress because all issues are fought in the arena of public opinion. It is a shame that Congress can not debate issues among themselves in order to govern the public that elected them. That is how the founders established the government. I am certain that the media outlets appreciate the extra spending and the circus that goes along with a campaign such as this. I do wish some civility would return to Washington DC, but I am not holding my breath. This article is from CNN about a TV advertising campaign using kids to throw dirt at the Republican postion. I always know when someone needs props to support their case, they are losing the debate and in need of a distraction. Enjoy the article.

From Deirdre Walsh
CNN Washington Bureau

-- As House members are at home for the Columbus Day weekend, a coalition of labor and advocacy groups is stepping up the battle over the federal children's health-care program, known as SCHIP.

The coalition, which includes the AFL-CIO and MoveOn.org, rolled out a nearly $1 million television ad campaign and is targeting about 20 Republicans to vote to override the president's veto of the bill.

The national ad, sponsored by Americans United for Change, an umbrella group of liberal organizations, is running on cable networks.

It includes images of a baby and other children with an announcer saying "George Bush just vetoed Abby." The coalition also promises to rally activists in districts of another 20 House Republicans over the next two weeks.

This push by Democratic groups comes on top of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's efforts to zero in on eight House Republicans who opposed the bill. The campaign arm started running radio ads and funding automated calls to voters last week in districts it considers competitive for Democratic challengers. Watch Speaker Nancy Pelosi call for the override of Bush's veto »

Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, sounded cautiously optimistic in an interview with Fox News about her party's chances.

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