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Monday, October 15, 2007

Broder: Momentum builds for shift away from employer-based health care

This article from the Salt Lake Tribune goes over the change in the health care industry. For decades health care has been distributed through voluntary employer medical benefits. The problem is that some people are unemployed or employed by a small company that does not offer any benefits at all. As a result, the industry is shifting its focus on individual coverage for health insurance. This article goes over that in detail. Enjoy the article.

David Broder

- As the United States prepares for the next great debate on its ailing health care system, support is growing for a shift from the traditional employer-based financing to publicly subsidized individual health insurance.

A measure co-sponsored by Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon and Republican Sen. Robert Bennett of Utah to convert to such a system has attracted a total of nine sponsors. Last week, presidential candidate John McCain introduced a variant that is a partial step in that direction.

And this week the Committee for Economic Development (CED), a high-powered business group, will give a strong push to the idea with a report saying in blunt terms that business can no longer afford to pay the rising costs and lacks the clout to curb the forces that are driving health care inflation.

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