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Friday, October 19, 2007

Clinton says her health plan would not cover illegal immigrants

This is a major problem with the concept of government sponsored universal health care. Illegal immigrants represent at least 12 million people in the USA. They already get treatment for emergency services and they know this. The proposal to grant citizenship to illegal aliens earlier this year would make them eligible for coverage then. In this article Hillary says it is a 'difficult choice' however it should not be. The choice from the federal government should be to enforce existing laws on the border. The concept of granting free coverage to individuals who have broken the law to be here would only encourage more illegal aliens. This proposal is already too expensive without covering the illegal aliens. Covering illegal aliens should not even be considered. Hillary does a wonderful job as a politician by not committing to enforce border laws. However, she is able to say that 'illegal aliens' will not be covered by the universal health care program. She does not say what happens when those illegal aliens are then given citizenship. Hillary's plan starts out expensive and gets oppressively more expensive as time moves forward. Enjoy the article.

From the AP

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said that immigrants living in the United States illegally would not be covered by her proposed universal health care plan.

The New York senator said she supports basic health services for illegal immigrants, including hospitalization and treatment of acute conditions. But she said the magnitude of America's health care challenge means her universal coverage proposal would not cover the 12 million people living in the country illegally.

"People who are here legally deserve some better treatment and acceptance in the law than people who are not here legally," she said Thursday. "These are hard choices."

Continue reading the article here.

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Hunter said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to clear up something I saw in one of your comments over at HotAir. (I don't have a HA account, so I can't reply over there.)

In the thread on Fred and Rudy, you said that "‘evangelicals’ just call it a ’sin’ that can be forgiven with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Catholics condemn you to hell for it." In fact, the Church recognizes that God is completely forgiving. We agree with the "evangelicals" you mention that, if someone has a relationship with Christ and repents of their sins, they can be forgiven by God and sacramentally absolved of their sins.

However, that's the issue with Rudy. He hasn't repented of his sin of supporting murder (through abortion); in fact, he's repeatedly and publicly affirmed it. That's why he can't receive Communion. He's already separated himself from God by chronically breaking His moral laws, so he can't be united with Him in Communion. Rudy will be accepted back as soon as he decides to come back.

Hope that made sense...let me know if not. :)