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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Health Insurance Costs Less than Medical Bills

While I lay here in my hospital bed recovering, I can't believe how fortunate I am. Thank goodness for my loving wife and successful children. Thank goodness for the doctors and the hospital who knew enough to bring me back to life after my heart attack. But especially thank goodness for my wife forcing me to buy a temporary health insurance plan over the internet to provide insurance during the gap in my coverage.

Since I was only 50 years old and never had health problems, I thought that paying for insurance before the benefits at my new job started would be throwing money away. COBRA coverage that my previous job offered was much more than I was going to pay for health insurance. There was a three month waiting period from the time I started my new and better job and the time that my medical benefits began.

My wife and I searched the internet for something affordable. We found coverage for three months for around $200 at http://www.short-termhealthinsurance.com. That was the cost of a couple of rounds of golf that I did not want to spend. But my wife forced me to get it. My hospital bill is approaching $40,000 now because I got the best care possible. That would have cost a lot more rounds of golf than the insurance did.

The two lessons I learned is never go without health insurance, and always listen to my wife.