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Monday, March 31, 2008

Short Term Health Insurance – Now More Simple Than Ever.

This is actually my own press release. Enjoy:

Several new implementations on the Short Term health Insurance website make user experience faster and easier than ever.

Greensboro,NC,March,29,2008 -- Several new innovations are making the Short Term Health Insurance website even easier to use. The relationship between Short-Termhealthinsurance.com and Celtic Life and health is now more efficient as quote and buy technology is drastically improved in order to make it easier than ever to buy insurance online.

"We always expect Celtic to provide quality products, but this new software has enabled even more people who want health insurance plans easier access to these affordable programs," said Brian Thacker, president of ThackerAgency.com. Thacker Agency is the parent company of http://www.short-termhealthinsurance.com.

"We are determined to making the user experience simple and understandable when it comes to online insurance access. We want people who need it to be able to get affordable plans as quickly and easily as possible. This new online system that Celtic has provided makes shopping for affordable and quality health insurance as fast as brewing a cup of coffee."

The Short-Term Health Insurance website has even more up its sleeve, as it offers a new insurance plan known as the Amigo Medical Insurance Plan. This is the only health insurance plan available that does not require a social security number in order to be purchased, but that is still available to citizens of the United States.

Applicants are not required to live in the United States for two years before eligibility like with most short term health insurance products available in the marketplace. More than eleven states are currently offering this new Amigo health insurance plan. It is only a matter of time before other states across the country begin to offer this form of insurance to their residents.

The Amigo health insurance plan offers quotes both in Spanish and in English, and offers temporary health insurance with doctor office co payments of $50, while most other short term health insurance plans do not offer co payment plans. The main goal for the short-term health insurance website is to improve user experience, offering any type of insurance product that a visitor may require.

Brian Thacker is the founder of the short-termhealthinsurance.com website and has been offering health insurance benefits to individuals for nearly 15 years. Originally only individuals residing in North Carolina could take advantage of this unique opportunity to find the right insurance, but now Thacker's short-term health insurance services are being offered nationally and worldwide as well.

The Short Term Health Insurance website is providing a true solution for a largely untapped marketplace by providing information relating to an important and inexpensive alternative to traditional medical insurance plans like COBRA. The Short-Term health insurance website is consistently growing to offer new insurance plans to meet a variety of needs and provide solutions for people from all walks of life.

Contact information :
Brian Thacker
Short Term Health Insurance
Greensboro, NC

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