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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Elizabeth Edwards Issues a Challenge to McCain on Health Care

This is obviously a veiled attempt to get her husband back on the ticket as VP and be seen as relevant again. She mischaracterized McCain's plan, but this article from the Washington Post is interesting anyway. Enjoy the article.

Elizabeth Edwards Issues a Challenge to McCain on Health Care

By Krissah Williams

Since her husband suspended his run for the Democratic nomination three months ago, Elizabeth Edwards has remained largely out of the public sphere. A fierce proponent of her husband's run for office and once a regular on the campaign stump -- despite her ongoing battle with cancer -- Edwards stepped back into the fray last weekend with an attack on Sen. John McCain's health-care plan.

Under the presumptive Republican nominee's health-care plan, Edwards told reporters, she would not be covered, an accusation that McCain's aides deny.

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