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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Self employed health insurance

Our medical insurance system is primarily designed around an employer based benefit to the employees for health care coverage. Self employed health insurance is a growing need because many Americans are opting out of the traditional job environment to start their own business out of their homes or over the internet. These people still need health insurance, but they are not able to benefit from the rates and risk pools that larger companies have.

There are many different plans available like the Highmark Blue Cross plans or Healthamerica plans. You can get programs that have the same benefits as employer plans with low doctor copayments and preventative care benefits. These companies also have more options for those that want to save money with high deductible health plans that operate in conjunction with a tax favored health savings account.

Your best options should be explored with experienced agents or through websites online. You can browse different companies, benefits, and rates to make the decision and apply online on your own. Or you can call an agent for help to get the best value for your health care dollar.

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