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Monday, April 7, 2008

Clinton drops hospital story from stump speech

Here is the problem with allowing politicians decide our health care fate. Clinton once again told a false story about a pregnant woman who died specifically because she did not have health insurance. She will get away with this story because she was just repeating what someone else told her like a rumor. But the individual in the story was not denied health care at the hospital. She did not die because she did not have health insurance. We all hate when something tragic happens to anyone. However the concept of placing blame on one thing or another does not do anything to help the situation. Had this woman had health insurance, she would have gotten the same treatment that she got and she would have died. If giving everyone health insurance from the government is important, then it should be important without having to make up information to scare people into believing that it is necessary. This is the problem that our country faces. There is more hype than substance in the policies proposed by our politicians. I doubt this will be an important story to most of the mainstream media. But it does illustrate the problem with allowing politicians to manufacture issues to solve. Enjoy the article.

Clinton drops hospital story from stump speech

(CNN) -- Sen. Hillary Clinton will stop telling an emotional story about a uninsured pregnant woman who died after being denied medical care, Clinton's campaign said.

Sen. Hillary Clinton was repeating a story she heard from someone on the campaign trail.

A hospital has raised questions over the accuracy of the story, and Clinton's campaign has said although they had no reason to doubt the story, they were unable to confirm the details.

In the story, Clinton describes a woman from rural Ohio who was making minimum wage at a local pizza shop. The woman, who was uninsured, became pregnant.

Clinton said the woman ran into trouble and went to a hospital in a nearby county but was denied treatment because she couldn't afford a $100 payment.

In her speeches, Clinton said the woman later was taken to the hospital by ambulance and lost the baby. The young woman was then taken by helicopter to a Columbus hospital where she died of complications. Video Watch why the story is raising questions

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