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Monday, March 31, 2008

Majority of U.S. Doctors Back National Insurance Plan

This is an interesting article because it seems to indicate that doctors want to be on the government system. But if you look further into the article and see who is most for it, you will see that psychiatrists (who typically provide services that aren't covered under private health insurance) are the most for the government payer system at 83%. Insurance fraud and waste is huge now. Under a federal system I imagine that the doctors will figure out exactly how to milk it to their advantage without having to deal with the legal teams of the insurance companies. I agree that the system needs to be a not-for-profit system. But I disagree that the government will be able to administer it. I'd prefer seeing the government make Medicare solvent before promising more care it can't provide. Enjoy the article anyway. . .

Majority of U.S. Doctors Back National Insurance Plan

A majority of American doctors now support the concept of national health insurance, which represents a shift in thinking over the past five years, a new survey finds.

Typically, national health insurance plans involve a single, federally administered social insurance fund that guarantees health coverage for everyone. In most cases, these plans eliminate or substantially reduce the role of private insurance companies.

A survey conducted last year of 2,193 physicians across the United States found that 59 percent support "government legislation to establish national health insurance," while 32 percent oppose it, and 9 percent are neutral. In 2002, a similar survey found that 49 percent of physicians supported the concept, while 40 percent opposed it.

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