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Monday, March 31, 2008

Private health insurance available, survey shows

This is what I've been trying to say. I know there are alternatives. People don't realize that there are alternatives so they don't seek them out. There are great alternatives for health insurance in America.

Private health insurance available, survey shows

Survey says: Help is available if you lose your health insurance in this spiraling economy.

Considering the looming recession, many people worry most about health insurance. That's according to a new survey. Nearly half of those polled say, after a job loss, they would pay credit cards bills late, but only 7% say they'd let their health insurance payments slide.

"You know the good news is today that even if you do lose your job there's a very, very vibrant private health insurance market and certainly there are ways to save money and continue your health insurance even if you have to pay for it yourself."

Sam Gibbs, consumer advocate, says COBRA -- the continuation of your health insurance from your company -- is expensive. However, he says the private health insurance market offers alternatives, allowing you to pick and choose which benefits you want and how high a deductible -- just like your car insurance.

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