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Monday, March 31, 2008

Punjab to introduce health insurance scheme

This shows what India is doing to help give access to health care for the most poor. America already has a Medicaid system for the indigent, and a Medicare program for the elderly. But this shows how other countries are catching up to where our social safety nets are. To hear the politicians you'd never know we had it better than anyone.

Punjab to introduce health insurance scheme

Keeping in view the fast increasing costs of medical treatment, the Punjab government was shortly implementing a special Health Insurance Scheme for the people belong to Below Poverty Line families, so that the poor people could also avail the advanced medical facilities in the private hospitals.

This was disclosed by Ramesh Inder Singh Chief Secretary Punjab, while addressing the concluding function of three day North Zone Inter Medical and Dental Colleges Tournament at Dyanand Medical College and Hospital last night.

Further elaborating, the Chief Secretary said that apart from BPL families, the insurance would also be extended to the small farmers and farm laborers through village level Agri Cooperative Societies.

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