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Monday, March 31, 2008

Private hospital boss slams insurance plan

This is an article from a doctor in Hong Kong concerning their debate on health care. He says that the young should subsidize the elderly in the system rather than having everyone covered under the same system. I think it is interesting to see how the international community deals with the same issues that we have here. I agree with this doctor. After the last post about Medicare going broke, I think we should probably listen to this man. Enjoy the article.

Private hospital boss slams insurance plan

The elderly and the young should receive subsidies to help them buy health-care insurance instead of making the scheme mandatory for all age groups, according to the deputy chief of one of the city's major private hospitals.

Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital deputy medical superintendent Kwong Kwok-hay said a mandatory insurance scheme, which has been highlighted in the government's health-care reform proposal, would deprive people of choices.

"A mandatory scheme means the young and healthy are forced to subsidize those who are chronically ill and old," Kwong said.

Kwong also accused Secretary for Food and Health York Chow Yat- ngok of trying to interfere with the market by proposing to standardize and regulate inpatient and specialist charges at private hospitals.

The Standard reported yesterday that Chow planned to set up a mechanism through which insurance firms and the private medical sector could hammer out standard pricing for inpatient and specialist services if the community adopts the option of social health insurance or a mandatory insurance scheme.

"It is a violation of free market principles," Kwong said. "If the government is so keen on an insurance scheme, it would be better to use public resources to buy insurance for two age groups, children under 12 and those over 65.

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