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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Short Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance is a good way to bridge the gap between medical care coverages. Short term insurance plans are the same major medical coverages, but it costs much less each month in premium.

Short term health insurance plans are great for graduating students who leave their parents' policy upon graduation. If you have a waiting period for coverage before an employer health insurance benefit program starts, a short term health insurance plan would be inexpensive and provide protection. One other common short term health insurance consumer is someone between jobs. Companies offer COBRA between jobs, but it can be too expensive, and is much more expensive than short term medical insurance plans.

Applying for short term health insurance is easy at websites like this one at http://www.short-termhealthinsurance.com . In 5 minutes you can be covered for less than you think.

Fairmont Specialty Group
Assurant Health
Celtic short term health insurance plans

All of these are good companies that will offer low rates for your short term health insurance needs. Contact your local agent if you have questions about your situation.

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