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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Clinton softens governments role in Universal Health Care

Hillary Clinton started the debate on Universal Health Care in the early to mid 90's. Along the way she realized that the health care system in the United States was too vast for a simple solution to the issues. While she wanted a welfare health insurance state paid for by the government, she had to address prescription drugs, health insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, and finally consumers (the American people) when dealing with this issue. She had hoped that the only people who would matter in this debate were the public. But it isn't the public who will lose the most with government controlled Universal Health care.

Here is an article which discusses her views on Universal Health Care as it stands today. She points out that the current system just needs to be fixed instead of changed. Her liberal competitors for president have all come out with their own plan, and essentially said that they would have to raise taxes for it to work. It used to be political suicide if you told voters you would raise their taxes if you elected them. Now I guess it's the best thing some candidates can think to propose.

Here is the article.

I don't believe that Clinton has the answer. Why don't I believe that? Because if she did, we'd have already heard about it. She knows what won't work which is why she's allowing her competitors to propose programs that she knows won't work. Health care is not a right. The system needs to be fixed, but only a little bit. The problem with our system is how much it costs. The problem is not that our health care system is bad.

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