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Friday, March 30, 2007

United Health Care enters NC individual market

There is GREAT news for residents of NC. While North Carolina residents are fortunate enough to have some of the finest medical facilities in the world in the Research Triangle Park and Wake Forest Baptist, there haven't been many individual health insurance options. Blue Cross has the best policy that they have not changed in 10 years because it has been so good. The best North Carolina individual and family health insurance plan has been the Blue Advantage plan. This is a fine plan and a plan that I continue to have on myself.

However, in November, United Health Care has created a plan based on the benefits of the Blue Advantage plan. Now NC residents have good options when shopping for individual and family medical care coverage. The United Health insurance plan has co payments just like the Blue Cross plan, but the rates are a bit lower in some cases.

As an agent in NC I am excited about the opportunity to now have options in health care benefits. United Health Care is a solid company who has bought many solid competitors to make it's product even stronger. United Health Care brings its already substantial group business along with the individual business to help North Carolina medical insurance customers have several quality choices now instead of just one.

Many Blue Cross agents are exclusive and only write for Blue Cross. . . however there are some agents that still represent other plans in the interest of their clients. Get a quote for United Health Care today in just a couple of minutes. It is free and doesn't have any obligation to get a quote at this site: http://www.thackeragency.com

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