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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Record number of people without health insurance

The numbers for 2007 health insurance figures are just out. It finds that the number of people without health insurance has gone up to 47 million people from just over 43 million people last year. Many people can not afford the increases in health insurance, and small businesses can no longer afford the luxury of offering health benefits to their employees.

There are options, and you can get plans with fewer benefits to protect against major losses in the event of a large medical expense. However these affordable plans cut benefits to the bare minimum, but should be very affordable.

HSA programs have recently lowered rates. These plans come with tax defered savings status similar to an IRA account. If you spend the money you put into the savings account on health related expenses, you don't have to pay taxes on it. If you don't spend the money, you get to keep it when you reach retirement and go onto medicare.

HSA programs generally come with a low premium high deductible (up to 10,000) catastrophic health insurance plan. It is ideal for someone who needs basic coverage for major expenses at the lowest possible monthly premium.

People between jobs who are looking for an alternative to COBRA until they can find other employment may be able to save money on short term health insurance program. Short term health insurance plans are basic major medical coverage at a fraction of the cost of full benefits health insurance plans.

There are options available for everyone to find an affordable solution. You have to know the right questions to ask and get with an honest agent who will shop around for the best deal. You can search plans and programs and prices at my websites http://www.thackeragency.com and also http://www.short-termhealthinsurance.com . You can get quotes and apply online if you find an affordable solution. If you need to speak with an agent, call us toll free.

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