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Thursday, April 5, 2007

The AP recently published this article about the differences in health insurance premium for men and women. It is not actually "discriminatory", but it is based on statistics for individuals within a certain sex and class. If the statistics show that a male in a certain age bracket spends less money than a female in that same age bracket, the females will pay more. Anyway the article gives insight into how premiums are set and where differences are. I thought it was good to link to. Enjoy.

Popular health-insurance plans punish women

Females charged more for having reproductive organs, Harvard study finds:

ATLANTA - High-deductible health insurance plans favored by many employers often wind up being an unfair burden to women, a new study says, largely because women need many routine medical exams that quickly add up.

The median expense for men under 45 in these plans was less than $500, but for women it was more than $1,200, according to a study by Harvard Medical School researchers.

They also found that only a third of insured men in that age group spent more than $1,050 in annual medical costs, while 55 percent of women did.

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